10Mila 2015 (2015-05-09)
Kategori: Tävling
Karta/område: Skepptuna
Land: Sweden
Distans: Orienteering
Sträcka: 1
Sträcka: 14.73 km
Tid: 86:19
Waouh! Such a race. First time on the first leg. Always been on the long night before.
Completely different orienteering style from what I was used to in relays. More kinda defensive orienteering than usual.
The first controls were more a survivor race than an orienteering one...
Headed to the wrong forking on control 7, ending all alone all of the sudden. Strange feeling (that didn't last for long! :) )
Control 13, lots of groups running in all directions. I rounded up the hill a bit too much. Should definitely check more the compass...
Wasn't sure of the route choice for control 20, but my legs did not fell like running round by the field/path. Went straight and I think it was worth compare to other runners I was running with. Toke the lead of a group for the first time since start.
I knew control 21 would be hard... But made a mistake anyway... Landed at the end of a small group of 5 runners while crossing the field, went too much right and too far, and saw a big group ~30 runners on the left... I finished the race with this group, ended up 216, 16 minutes behind the lead. A bit disappointed by the ranking, but finally satisfied by the time. Can't really imagine how fast they are running in the lead! Some small mistakes, but that costed at max 2-3 minutes. And an satisfying exhausted feeling in my legs.
Nice point with the first leg: You get to follow the race all night long afterwards! :-).
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10Mila 2015 (2015-05-09) 10Mila 2015 (2015-05-09)