Helg utan älg E2 ÖM5 (2015-10-18)
Kategori: Tävling
Karta/område: Hejdeby
Arrangör: Gotlands Bro OK
Distans: medel (3,3km)
I didn’t have big expectations for this day. I thought it would be equally bad.

1. When I started running and looked at the map and saw the position of control 1 I double checked that I took the right map. Seemed too easy but was happy for smooth start.

2. Decided to run to the open land by the path and enter the forest from there. Just to be safe. Worked well.

3. Go straight until I reached the second path and then go forward until the crossing.

4. Looked wrongly at the map and started running the wrong path. Luckily I realised before it was too late. The control point was visible from the path.

5. Run forward until the open land and took the control point from there.

6. Here is my issue. I knew I should have just run with compass until I hit the path and then follow the path but I’m not really sure why I chickened out. Maybe because the run had a good flow and I was afraid of obstacles? It wasn’t even that difficult but I went the safe way, turned back and just followed the path. Didn’t really understand my own decision.

7 & 8. Again took the safe (but fast!) way.

9. Here I decided to run until I hit the road and purposely went a bit to the right not to end up too much on the left on the path. Decided to use the edge of the open land as the entrance to the check point. Worked well.

10. Wasn’t sure how runnable the green part was so decided to follow the electricity line until the path and then take the path.

11. Here I wondered for a bit what would be the best choice. Then thought to myself “Fuck it, go forward”. It went a bit slow through the green parts but it wasn’t too painful. Entered the control from the open land.

12 &13. I thought I had 15 controls and when I realised it was only 13 I basically flew to the rest.

It was a good run but made quite a few safe choices. Maybe a few too many.
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Helg utan älg E2 ÖM5 (2015-10-18) Helg utan älg E2 ÖM5 (2015-10-18)